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Top Selling SeaGull Lighting Products: - 77064-799 Flush mount ceiling fixture by SeaGull Lighting
77064-799 - 8269-12 Outdoor Post Light Fixture by SeaGull Lighting
8269-12 - 4138-15 One Light Indoor Light by SeaGull Lighting
4138-15 - 8870-12 Outdoor Wall Bracket by SeaGull Lighting

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Outdoor - Outdoor Lighting by SeaGull Lighting
Kitchen - Kitchen Lighting by SeaGull Lighting
Pendants - Pendants by SeaGull Lighting
Bathroom - Bathroom Lighting by SeaGull Lighting

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Ambiance - Ambiance Collection by SeaGull Lighting
Sussex - Sussex Collection by SeaGull Lighting
Laurel Leaf - Laurel Leaf Collection by SeaGull Lighting
Serenity - Serenity Collection by SeaGull Lighting
About Sea Gull Lighting

Sea Gull Lighting LogoFor close to eighty-five years, Sea Gull Lighting has been one of the most innovative home lighting designers and manufacturers in the lighting industry. Sea Gull’s unparalleled record for creating beautiful and practical lights and ceiling fans is what sets them apart from the tough competition. Sea Gull Lighting has truly redefined home lighting. Today, every Sea Gull Lighting fixture is conceived and built to match or exceed the latest tastes in lighting design as well as the newest building codes and construction techniques. Their lighting designers and trend watchers stay in step with current tastes and search out the unique.

With over 3,100 product designs spanning 15 product categories, Sea Gull Lighting is a single source supplier for architectural, commercial and residential lighting products.

The Sea Gull Lighting brand is renowned for their superior products and dedicated team of designers. Lighting professionals, homebuilders, architects and consumers trust Sea Gull Lighting products to meet their illumination needs. Sea Gull Lighting meets the even highest standards for lighting products. Sea Gull strives to carry out their goal: “We aim to be the brands of choice for the end user of our products; the supplier of choice for our distributor and utility customers; and the employer of choice for our employees”.

Sea Gull hold themselves to a high standard that helps them bring quality service and quality products to the customer. In order to achieve their goal, Sea Gull Lighting holds each and every employee to the highest standard. Every employee shares the responsibility to provide satisfaction and quality service to the customer. They strive to constantly improve the company, and to continue in providing superior service to the customer. Having reliable and innovative products, providing superior customer service, disciplined financial management, and dedication to solving challenges are Sea Gull’s fundamental values. Sea Gull also makes every effort to make sure your lighting fixture and home furnishing is affordable. Budget friendly prices are highly valued by Sea Gull Lighting.

Bathroom Lighting

Sea Gull Lighting’s bathroom lighting collection is one of the most impressive in the lighting industry. Their bathroom lights include vanity fixtures, ceiling fixtures, and wall sconces. Fixtures are available in contemporary, traditional, and transitional styles—which means there is a fixture for any bathroom space.

Kitchen Lighting

Sea Gull’s kitchen lighting line is quite extensive. Sea Gull realizes that task lighting in the kitchen is important. The kitchen is where food will be prepared, where family dinners will occur, and where parties are hosted. Adequate lighting will make the kitchen a safer place to cut the vegetables, a better place for the kids to do homework at the kitchen table, and a social place to gather. Sea Gull Lighting has made it possible for the kitchen to be the true heart of the home.

Outdoor Lighting

Sea Gull Lighting is traditionally known for their interior lighting. However, they have expanded to outdoor spaces as well. Sea Gull has crafted many outdoor lights and landscape lights to illuminate the dark corners of your outdoor areas. Exterior lights improve safety and curb appeal during the dark hours. Sea Gull helps you illuminate your outdoor areas with style and panache.


Sea Gull Lighting also has a complete line of track lighting, ceiling fans, ceiling fixtures, LED lights, pendant lights, recessed lights, and wall sconces. Sea Gull Lighting has even moved beyond strictly designing lighting. They now feature a full line of home furnishings. From mirrors to decorative vases, Sea Gull is branching out to help add exquisite taste to the home. They certainly have every room, every space, and every home covered. Sea Gull Lighting keeps up with the current home décor trends, while still incorporating timeless, classic designs. Sea Gull Lighting has truly started a home illumination revolution. Lights have turned into radiant works of art.

Sea Gull Lighting has an array of products that reflect individual personality, style, and taste. Dozens of different finishes, glasses, and materials are available so you can customize your fixture to be the perfect match for your home. Sea Gull utilizes unique materials and brings new colors into the world of lighting. Sea Gull Lighting allows you to experiment with new pops of colors, new patterns, and new designs.

You can trust Sea Gull Lighting with any of your home lighting needs. Sea Gull lights are a home investment—their timeless designs will leave a lasting impression for years to come. We hope you will enjoy finding your Sea Gull Lighting product as you browse through their entire catalog on our website.

SeaGull Lighting 2010 Catalog

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